Master control
1. Large touch screen, fast and simple operation, real-time monitoring of controller status. 2. Powerful performance, up to 160,000 pixels or 60 sub-controllers. 3. With GPS/BDS satellite synchronization, radio frequency synchronization function, 4G remote control, offline playback function integrated into one, easy and reliable to use. 4. Support Bluetooth, remote 4G control; 4G network communication download update effect function, real-time PC/mobile phone APP control. 5. Support timed playback, multi-level encryption function. 6. Support MODBUS/UDP third-party control



1. 32-65536 levels of grayscale control, software Gamma correction processing. 2. Support various point, line, area light sources, support various rules, special-shaped processing. 3. Using the main control and sub-control control mode, the playback effect is stored in the SD card of the main controller (offline player), the same project only needs the main control card, and the sub-control does not need to insert the card. 4. The controller has 8 port outputs, and each port can carry up to 512 (DMX)/1024 (TTL) pixels. 5. Sub-control test function: select the on-load IC of the lamp by adjusting the button, and test the on-load lamp (RGB/RGBW lamps are supported) 6. Set the IP address when the controller is connected to the computer to play, the controller supports online and offline integrated control, the highest online priority, and automatically switches to the offline effect when there is no online signal. 7. The controller has DMX512 write address function and address test, single port or all ports with DMX512 IC write address, and the lamp address test. 8. The communication between controllers adopts the international standard TCP/IP network protocol. 9. Before the control system is used, the sub-control number can be given by the main control or sub-control. 10. The controller supports Madrix software control, and each port supports a maximum of 6 unit signal output.

Wireless synchronization controller


1. TC-2000 supports wireless microwave synchronous control, effective transmission distance of 1-8 kilometers, strong anti-interference ability, stable and reliable. 2. TC-2000 supports GPS/BDS satellite signal synchronization, controller synchronous playback accuracy is high, can be used worldwide. 3. TC-2000 uses radio frequency synchronization and GPS/BDS satellite signal synchronization at the same time; Sub-regional management, intra-regional radio frequency synchronization, inter-regional satellite GPS/BDS satellite signal synchronization. 4. TC-2000 has been processed by an optimized synchronization algorithm, and when the sub-control cannot receive the main control signal for a period of time, it can continue to play synchronously with the main control for a period of time. 5. The controller supports MODBUS third-party control. General features 1. 32-level - 65536 level grayscale control, software Gamma correction processing. 2. Support various point, line, area light sources, support various rules, special-shaped processing. 3. The controller has 2 port outputs, each port can have a maximum of 512/1024 lamps (DMX lamps can be up to 512 pixels). 4. The playback content is stored in the SD card, which can store up to 32 effect files, and the SD card capacity supports 128MB-32GB. 5. The IC controller for DMX lamps comes with the function of writing address; In addition, with our LedEdit-K software, you can set the one-click address function. 6. The built-in effect supports the on-load lamp as 3-channel (RGB) and 4-channel (RGBW) pixels, and enhances TTL and 485 differential (DMX) signal output; The controller comes with 22 test effects, and the built-in effects can also be synchronized for playback.